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Learn Italian pronunciation

Welcome to Lo Studio Italiano where you can learn and practice Italian pronunciation!

This site offers a comprehensive Italian pronunciation guide with audio, phonetics and everything you need to know about Italian pronunciation. The guide is intended for learners on all levels. Please read below to learn about the key features.

In the Italian pronunciation guide you will find:
  • Audio examples of Italian pronunciation
    The guide is stuffed with audio examples recorded by native speaker Andrea Patucelli.
    Please click on words in blue. Ex: giorno, oggi, cena
    You can hover the mouse over the words to see an English translation.

  • Easy navigation
    The guide allows you to look for Italian pronunciation by

    • Letter or letter combination
      Ex: Clicking on ge will bring you to examples like gelato, gente

    • Manner of articulation
      You can go to a comprehensive walkthrough of each manner of articulation: vowels, stops, fricatives

    • Individual Italian words
      Under lookups you can search for the pronunciation (audio file) of more than 10.000 Italian words!

  • Phonetic transcription of the Italian pronunciation
    All audio examples are transcribed phonetically. Ex: piacere [pja'tʃe-re], bagno ['baɲɲo]

  • Special aspects of Italian pronunciation
    You will find information (incl. rules) on the following aspects:

    • Open and closed pronunciation of the vowels o and e
    • Silent i (la i muta)
    • Double consonants

In addition to the Italian pronunciation guide the site offers audio on a large number of exercises on Italian verbs, vocabulary and grammar. Listen to the native speaker, repeat the words out loud and improve your Italian pronunciation!

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