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Individual score

This setting only affects the word lists

On: Each word list has individual scores on each mode option:
1-2 (English-Italian), 2-1 (Italian-English) and audio 2-1
Off: There is only one score for each word list.
The score is shared by all mode options

When leaving this setting on, you can have the conjugation shown by clicking on the three lines

Keep score

Best: 15 5 20 (75%)
Now: 5 2 20

Green: Number of correct answers
Red: Number of wrong answers
Black: Total number of exercises
Underline: When a number increases, it is underlined

The system counts like this:
  • Right answer
    - when the answer is correct
    - when the field is empty
  • Wrong answer
    - when the field contains a wrong answer

You can correct the numbers yourself
Click on the red and green numbers next to Now to make a correction.

Remember to save your score
When you have done your exercises, you are offered to save the score as the best score.
To keep the old best score you just do not save the new one.

Which exercises have score?
  • Word lists
  • Grammar exercises
  • Exercises under my verbs
You can turn keep score on and of under settings
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Italian grammar - online exercises

Learn Italian grammar online! This learning tool offers efficient online exercises on Italian grammar for beginners as well as advanced users.

The system gives you full control of the level of difficulty and you can progress as you please and at your own pace. All execises come with a translation of the vocabulary allowing you to practice freely without the need of a dictionary.

In the grammar section (top menu) you can practice the following grammatical topics. Click on show exercises to see and try out some examples:

  • Indefinite article
    Insert indefinite article (un, una, un', uno)
    una pizza
    amica = friend, girlfriend

  • Definite article
    Insert definite article (il, la, l', lo, i, gli, le)
    le donne
    amica = friend, girlfriend

  • Preposition + definite article
    How do prepositions and definite articles combine?
    a+il - al

  • The inflexions of the nouns
    How do you form the plurals of the nouns?
    un panino - due panini
    l'amico - gli amici
    Insert the plural form of the noun:

    Singular Plural  
    una casa due
    casa = house

    Insert plural of the noun + definite article:

    Singular Plural  
    la notte
    notte = night

  • Nouns and adjectives
    Learn how to rewrite the sentence in plural
    la pizza è buona - le pizze sono buone

    Singular Plural  
    il giornale è interessante
    giornale = newspaper
    interessante = interesting

  • Possessive pronouns
    How do you say my, your, our etc. in Italian?
    è la nostra casa (di noi)
    Insert definite article + possessive pronoun

    dove sono pigiami?  (di Carlo e Matteo)
    dove = where
    pigiama (m) = pyjamas, pajamas

  • Accusative and dative pronouns
    Exercises with accusative, dative and double object pronouns
    compri le mele? - sì, le compro
    Insert accusative pronoun in the answer

    vedete il cane?
    sì, vediamo
    vedere = see
    cane = dog

  • Infinitive marker
    Should the infinitive be preceded by a or di?
    continua a parlare
    Insert a or di

    cominciano giocare
    cominciare = start, begin
    giocare = play

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