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Individual score

This setting only affects the word lists

On: Each word list has individual scores on each mode option:
1-2 (English-Italian), 2-1 (Italian-English) and audio 2-1
Off: There is only one score for each word list.
The score is shared by all mode options

When leaving this setting on, you can have the conjugation shown by clicking on the three lines

Hide translations

Turn this setting on to practise the meaning af the verbs and words used in the exercises while practising conjugations and grammar.

You can have the translation displayed and check your memory by clicking on the question mark or hitting the [arrow up] key.

Ex 1

Ex 2

Ex 3

Hide infinitive

Turn this setting on to hide the infinitive of the verb in exercises where recognition of the verb is part of the exercise.

You can have the infinitive displayed and check your memory by clicking on [verb] or hitting the [arrow up] key.

You can challenge your memory further by turning the setting hide translations on at the same time:

next button

With this setting turned on you proceed from one exercise to another by clicking the button next. We recommend this setting for at calmer screen dsiplay.
Please note: You can hit the enter key instead of clicking the button.

When the setting is turned off the exercises are displayed automatically one after another without a pause.
Report an error

Make use of this function to let us know about errors and misspellings.

Turning this setting off will remove the option.

Keep score

Best: 15 5 20 (75%)
Now: 5 2 20

Green: Number of correct answers
Red: Number of wrong answers
Black: Total number of exercises
Underline: When a number increases, it is underlined

The system counts like this:
  • Right answer
    - when the answer is correct
    - when the field is empty
  • Wrong answer
    - when the field contains a wrong answer

You can correct the numbers yourself
Click on the red and green numbers next to Now to make a correction.

Remember to save your score
When you have done your exercises, you are offered to save the score as the best score.
To keep the old best score you just do not save the new one.

Which exercises have score?
  • Word lists
  • Grammar exercises
  • Exercises under my verbs
You can turn keep score on and of under settings
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What the users think
”Brilliant for learning verbs! ”
- Jolanda  2024
”I am very satisfied with this Application. Studying Italian can be a challenge and difficult at times.
Working with this application is straightforward with many topics to choose from.”
-  2023
”Question & Answer is very powerful for learning Italian, it forces you to participate in a conversation.”
- Ben, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. 2024
”Lostudioitaliano is a great tool. While I have private lessons, I use this tool often. Quick and easy resource when I need an answer or more understanding.

Super value too!

-  2024
”I like studio Italian, it keeps me alert and learning is always fun. It stops me from getting idle. And sets me up for the day. it is good so please have a go!!I always come back to 'Studio 'because my mind needs to stay alert.”
- sue. brisol. 2023
”I recommend this resource. It takes a little while to fully understand the interface but the time invested is worthwhile. It's also encouraging to see that it is still be developed and updated. Good value.”
-  2022
”It’s taken me a bit to figure out the rich environment for learning that is Lo Studio Italiano. I like that you can customize all the lists to tailor fit what you need. I have many sources of learning italian such as books, programs to watch (Netflix) and online live tutors, but find this app very useful for drilling verb tenses and vocabulary. The grammar section hasn’t been as useful, but perhaps that’s not as useful in this format. Tuttavia, l’audio registrato del madrelingua italiano è la bomba! Mi aiuta molto. Grazie!”
- Claire, New York City 2022
”Pour moi c'est un excellent exercice, je pratique à la fois l'anglais et l'italien; j'apprécie beaucoup l'agilité du système et la prononciation réelle (quand elle existe, ce qui n'est pas le cas tout le temps).”
- Brigitte,Toulouse, France 2021
”e' molto utile questo sito. faccio gli esercizi piu' o meno ogni giorno. sono molto contenta che l'ho comprato!”
- Caroline, Perth, Australia 2019
”Invaluable for practising grammar. No other equivalent available commercially.”
- Norman, Brisbane, Australia 2018
”Lo Studio Italiano is just an excellent site for learning Italian. I love it and I highly recommend it.”
- Allan, Oxford 2018
”This is a great site for learning Italian!
Thanks a lot :-)”
- Sarah, Boston 2017
”Creo que es una herramienta muy útil, sin embargo, algunas veces resulta poco amistosa. No entiendo porqué no tienen el españolentre su catàlogo de idiomas para traducción. Hay más personas que hablan español que danés o alemán...”
- Adriana 2024
”I am really amazed by all the possibilities offered by this site. I find exercises for almost every topic I look for, and the level of difficulty can be controlled by the user. The audio component is just great. I'll give my best recommendations!”
- Andrew, UK 2017
”I love lostudioitaliano - it is an excellent resource. I just have to keep practising!
I received an excellent service from lostudioitaliano when my internet provider started blocking their emails - they phoned me to resolve my problem. Grazie, Elaina”
- Elaina, York, UK 2017
”This is just an excellent site. Really great for learning. I would recommend it to anybody!”
- Mark, New York 2017
”I love this site. It has helped me so much in my goal to speak fluent Italian. I love being able to drill verb conjugations until they are second nature. I recommend this site to all the Italian language students I meet. ”
- Laura, Ottawa 2015
”Lo studio italiano è buonissimo. I just love everything about this site and tell my friends about it. I use it frequently to drill myself on vocabulary and grammar. The audio component is such an important component. I say the words before the answer is said and repeat out loud what I hear. I especially love the score keeping of the drills. It allows you to see your progress and encourages you to keep working at it. I can't say enough about this web site. Meraviglioso!”
- Annette, Toronto 2014
”I love Lo Studio italiano. I can learn at my own pace and I can customise what and how I learn. ”
- Marg, Beerwah Australia 2015
”I have found this web so useful for verbs, vocab and grammar. I like the way you can work on all areas of Italian and really enjoy it! Great website and I highly recommend it. I will be using this site over a period of years to ensure that I improve my Italian and work towards fluency in the future! ”
- Sue, England 2015
”This is a very useful program. The verb practice has a terrific aural component. And the tombola is a great way to practice numbers. I wish I knew of a similar program for German and French!”
- Michael, Toronto 2015
”I have been using this site for two years now. I visit daily so that I can hear words pronounced for me in order to get my pronunciation correct. I recently visited a friend in Milan and she could not believe how much my pronunciation had improved. There is so much information. The grammar in particular is a favourite of mine. I would recommend this site to anyone thinking of learning Italian.”
- Betty, Perth Australia 2014
”I have used this site for 5 years. I love the ability to do a few minutes of daily practice and improve my understanding and use of Italian grammar. My friends in Italy have been impressed with my continued improvement in mastering the language. Thank you Anders!”
- Cathyanne, Coeur d'Alene 2015
”Lo studio italian is a wonderful adjunct to my learning of this beautiful language. Couldn't ask for more!”
- Gil Bend, Ore. 2015
”I have been using the lostudioitaliano website site for almost two years and find it a very useful learning tool. It provides help with verb conjugations for a large number of verbs in eight to 10 verb tenses, it has a large vocabulary list broken up into subject categories and also has help on italian grammar. To further assist users, users can hear native speakers pronouncing the verbs and the vocabulary.
Users are prompted to give answers to questions. If correct they will hear the word spoken, if wrong the answer is provided as well as a score. This format makes learning easy and enjoyable. Als there is a tombola game to familiarise users with hearing Italian numbers.”
- George, Sydney 2014
”This is a really great site for practicing Italian.
Cool system and great tools!
I use it a lot on my iPhone.”
- Adam, Milano 2014
”Lo studio is a fantastic learning site, when you think of what it would cost with an international site, I think the majority of us would never have that amount of money free.”
-  2014
”I love this site and would recommend it to anyone!”
- Janet, Toronto 2014
”I have been trying out a number of Italian learning sites, and this is by far the best for me. I am really learning and actually having fun competing with myself. I am happy to recommend this site.”
- Ann, Perth 2014
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