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Exercises on Italian possessive pronouns

Practice the Italian possessive pronouns with our advanced learning tools - online interactive exercises for beginners as well as advanced learners!

The system gives you full control of the level of difficulty and you can progress as you please and at your own pace. All execises come with a translation of the vocabulary allowing you to practice freely without the need of a dictionary.

Below you will find a demo of some of our exercises on Italian possessive pronouns. Click on show exercises to try out for yourself:

  • Practice Italian possessive pronouns
    Insert the correct possessive pronoun and definite article.

    Examples with 1st person (il mio, la mia, i miei, le mie):
    è cintura  (di me)
    cintura = belt

    In the grammar section you will have the option to include exercises with possessive pronouns of other persons as well (il tuo, il suo, il nostro, il vostro, il loro).

  • Practice possessive pronouns and terms for family members
    Furthermore you can include exercises with terms for family members where the definite article is omitted when the possessive pronoun is singular and not loro. In the following examples we have mixed the different kinds of exercises (1st person):
    dove sono dizionari?  (di me)
    dove = where
    dizionario = dictionary

Go to the grammar section, click on possessive pronouns and start practicing!

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