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Online exercises on passato prossimo

Here you will learn to master the Italian passato prossimo tense! This site offers lots of exercises on passato prossimo for beginners as well as advanced learners. Below you will find an overwiev of the exercises available.

Drills and exercises with passato prossimo
To learn efficiently it is important to have exercises matching your level. This system offers you full control of the level of difficulty and allows you to make your own progession. You can choose from working with regular or irregular verbs and from avere or essere as auxiliary verb. You will find 511 verbs to practice with!

  • Passato prossimo with avere as auxiliary verb
    You can start by practicing only regular verbs: (type in the field and click on check)

    parlare(loro, m)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    parlare = talk

    And then include irregular vebs:

    fare(tu, f)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    fare = do

  • Passato prossimo with essere as auxiliary verb
    Again you can start out with the regular verbs:

    andare(voi, m)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    andare = go

    And then include the irregular:

    essere(voi, m)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    essere = be

  • Passato prossimo with reflexive verbs
    The site holds more than 50 reflexive verbs.

    alzarsi(loro, m)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    alzarsi = get up, rise

  • Mixed exercises with different kinds of verbs
    As you grow more confident with the different kategories of verbs you can start mixing them in your drills. Then you will be challenged to remember whether the auxiliary verb should be avere or essere and if the past participle is regular or irregular.

    andare(voi, m)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    andare = go

  • Learn the irregular participles
    You can practice with 65 irregular participles using the word list irreg. participles.

    verb participle  
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