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Learn the reflexive verbs in Italian

Here you can practice the conjugations of the Italian reflexive verbs and quickly improve your skills! Exercises can be adapted to fit all learners from beginners to advanced levels. Check out the different types of exercises below - and try for yourself!

  • Learn the conjugations of the reflexive verbs
    You can practice with more than 500 Italian reflexive verbs in all conjugations.

    Example: How do you conjugate lavarsi (to wash) in presente (present tense)?
    Fill in the right form of the verb and click on check.

    Verb: lavarsi
    English: wash

  • Practice the Italian reflexive verbs across conjugations
    You can be tested in multiple conjugations at one time. You choose yourself which verbs, persons and conjugations to include in the exercises. In the below example you are tested in the 1., 2. and 3. person of divertirsi (to enjoy oneself) in three conjugations:

    Verb: divertirsi
    English: enjoy oneself, have fun

  • Questions and answers with the Italian reflexive verbs
    In these exercises you are challenged to recognize the conjugation used in the question and then fill in the verb in the answer. You decide which conjugations to include in the exercises. Below we have chosen presente, condizionale and imperfetto. Try to fill in the right form of the verb in the answer:

    quando vi svegliavate?
    alle 7
    quando = when
    svegliarsi = wake up
    alle 7 = at 7 o'clock

  • Exercises with reflexive verbs and passato prossimo
    The site offers advanced tools for practicing Italian reflexive verbs in passato prossimo.

    sposarsi(io, m)
    ÷ Press Ctrl to see the answer
    sposarsi = marry

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