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Italian future tense

Learn Italian future tense with Lo Studio Italiano! Here you can practice the conjugation of more than 500 Italian verbs in the future tense (futuro). Please see below for a demonstration of our online interactive exercises - with audio!

  • Italian future tense conjugation
    Try to conjugate the regular are-verb parlare (to talk) in the future tense.
    (show me)
    Please click on check after filling in each field.

    Verb: parlare
    English: talk

  • Italian future tense - questions and answers
    In these exercises you will be practicing the Italian future tense by answering questions. In the below examples we have chosen the irregular verbs essere, fare and andare. Try answering the questions by filling in the right form of the verb:

    cosa farete?
    la spesa
    cosa = what
    fare = do
    fare la spesa = do the shopping

Go to verbs and start practicing the Italian future tense!
You will finde more than 500 Italian regular and irregular vebs to practice in all conjugations.

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