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Italian grammar - online exercises

Learn Italian grammar online! This learning tool offers efficient online exercises on Italian grammar for beginners as well as advanced users.

The system gives you full control of the level of difficulty and you can progress as you please and in your own pace. All execises come with a translation of the vocabulary allowing you to practice freely without the need of a dictionary.

You can practice the following grammatical topics. Click on show exercises to see and try out some examples:

  • Indefinite article
    Insert indefinite article (un, una, un', uno)
    amica = friend, girlfriend

  • Definite article
    Insert definite article (il, la, l', lo, i, gli, le)
    amica = friend, girlfriend

  • Preposition + definite article
    How do prepositions and definite articles combine?

  • The inflexions of the nouns
    How do you form the plurals of the nouns?
    Insert the plural form of the noun:

      Singular Plural  
    un fiore due  
    fiore = flower

    Insert plural of the noun + definite article:

      Singular Plural  
    il bambino  
    bambino = child, baby

  • Nouns and adjectives
    Learn how to
    Rewrite the sentence in plural

      Singular Plural  
    il gelato è piccolo  
    gelato = ice cream
    piccolo = small

  • Possessive pronouns
    How do you say my, your, our etc. in Italian?
    Insert definite article + possessive pronoun

      dove sono  giornali?  (di te)
    dove = where
    giornale (m) = newspaper

  • Accusative and dative pronouns
    Exercises with accusative, dative and double object pronouns
    Insert accusative pronoun in the answer

    aiutate l'amico?
      sì,  aiutiamo
    aiutare = help
    amico = friend

  • Infinitive marker
    Should the infinitive be preceded by a or di?
    Insert a or di

    aiuta  fare le pulizie
    aiutare = help
    fare le pulizie = clean